Twitter Avatar API

Twivatar is a RESTful API to a Twitter user's avatar built out of frustration of external Twitter apps breaking when the avatar url is stored, and then changed by that user later on Twitter - the result is a broken image on that app unless they constantly check for profile changes.


<img src="[screen_name]" />


Coming soon: Alternatively you can specify the size image you want from:

<img src="[screen_name]/[size]" />

Behind the scenes

This is a simple one script app that stores the url of the avatar. When the avatar is requested for x user, it runs the following logic:

  1. Get the mobile HTML from twitter
  2. Run the HTML through cheerio and find the .Avatar element
  3. Request the image URL and pipe to the response
  4. All requests also include CORS headers so you can manipulate in a canvas

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